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Payment Options


What are payment options?

How do I pay for a flower or gift purchase from Cozyposy ?

Cozyposy offers multiple online payment methods to its Customers, We assured you that Cozyposy’s trusted online payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep online transactions details strictly confidential at all times. We do have payment options like, Internet banking and cash deposit into our account.  

Cozyposy also accept Payment through Visa, MasterCard, Maestro Card and American Express Credit and Debit Cards in India and all over the world.

Is it safe to use my credit or debit card online on Cozyposy?

At Cozyposy all credit and debit cards payments are processed through secure and trusted online payment gateway management systems managed by leading banks.

Fraud Card Prevent

Cozyposy and Our online payment gateway partner always monitor transactions continuously. Sometimes we are unable to rule out the verification of the account information’s provided by the customers while making an online transaction, in that case the transaction is kept on HOLD and the customer is requested to provide the correct and complete identity documents. By the help of that identify document we verify and ensure that the purchase indeed is a genuine card holder.

So you are request to input the correct account information’s and allow us to process your order without any hesitation for online transactions. We apologies for the inconvenience may cause to our customers while making online transaction.

For more details please feel free to conatct us on our customer care no: +91-85-4583-0583, else you may write to us support@cozyposyonline.com.

Happy Online Shopping.

Thanks & Regards,

Team Cozyposy

Send Kaju Burfi Sweets to India
500 gms Kaju Burfi
Expression-10 Pink Roses-CPX2
Expression-10 Pink Roses
Feelings-10 Mix Roses-CPX3
Feelings-10 Mix Roses
Pink Delight-Pink Carnations Basket-CPX101
Pink Delight-Pink Carnations Basket
Sentiments-10 Yellow Roses-CPX4
Sentiments-10 Yellow Roses
Love Bird-20 Red Roses-CPX5
Love Bird-20 Red Roses
Orchids n Lilies Flower Basket-CPX102
Orchids n Lilies Flower Basket
Exotica-10 Asiatic Lilies-CPX6
Exotica-10 Asiatic Lilies
Orchida-6 Orchids Bunch-CPX7
Orchida-6 Orchids Bunch
Florista-Seasonal Flower Bouquet-CPX8
Florista-Seasonal Flower Bouquet
Carnival-10 Mix Carnations-CPX9
Carnival-10 Mix Carnations
Radiant Red-10 Red Carnations-CPX10
Radiant Red-10 Red Carnations
Iris-Carnations n Lilies Bouquet-CPX11
Iris-Carnations n Lilies Bouquet
Rewards Flower Basket-CPX103
Rewards Flower Basket Arrangement
Sparkle-Bunch of Orchids-CPX12
Sparkle-Bunch of Orchids
15 Pink Carnations Bouquet-CPX13
15 Pink Carnations Bouquet
Gloriana-Lily N Roses Bouquet-CPX14
Gloriana-Lily N Roses Bouquet
Floral Sunshine Arrangement-CPX104
Floral Sunshine Arrangement
Elegant-20 Mix Roses Bouquet-CPX15
Elegant-20 Mix Roses Bouquet
40 Red Roses Bouquet-CPX16
40 Red Roses Bouquet
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